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5 Ways to Improve Airflow

We’ve entered Spring and along with the blooming of flowers comes an abundance of warmth. As the weather changes so does humidity and it’s important to keep cool and avoid you and your home from overheating. Air conditioning is notably the easiest way to cool off, but can also be expensive if not being used effectively. To keep you cool, calm, and collective, here are five ways to improve airflow in your home:

  1. Open Up- Your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to be running all the time. The most simple and effective way to let heat out and natural air in is to open up windows and doors. Depending on weather, walk around the house opening several windows to allow airflow to circulate.
  2. Turn on Fans– And by fans we mean them all. Ceiling, exhaust and attic fans. Turning on a ceiling fan helps circulate natural and cold air throughout your house while using exhaust and attic fans help alleviate warm air that resides in kitchens, bathrooms, or attics.
  3. A little Spring cleaning– A little spring cleaning never hurt anybody. Clean or unblock vents around your home. Air from your heating and cooling systems flow through vents and sometimes can be blocked by furniture or debris that makes circulation nearly impossible. Take a look around your home and see if a couch, dresser, or table is blocking airflow.
  4. Seal Ducts– One thing you may overlook, is your home’s ductwork. Although out of sight, but duct sealing shouldn’t be out of mind. Ductwork is essential in delivering air to every room. If there are leaks and wholes, cool air won’t reach its destination causing a 30% loss. When air is lost, this puts more pressure to achieve the desired thermostat setting. Not only does it waste energy if left unfixed, but it also stresses your HVAC system and could lead to more repairs in the future.
  5. Replace Air Filters– A good rule of thumb is to check them once a month, but you’ll only need to replace them if dirty. A dirty filter reduces air flow and the unit’s efficiency and can lower energy consumption by 5% to 15%. Remember the frequency depends on type of filter, overall air quality of city, allergies and number of occupants or pets.

If these five ways lack improvement in circulation please contact a reputable company you can trust, Elite Comfort Home and Commercial Services. Elite Comfort’s mission is to provide an excellent experience to every customer by providing quality products, superior services, and personalized solutions while operating with the utmost integrity.

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