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There comes a time when it makes sense to just replace an a/c system rather than repairing it. However, before deciding what is best for your unit, there are several factors that you should consider before replacing your existing a/c system.

Is your existing system sized properly?

We perform an ACCA Manual J load calculation to determine the proper size A/C & heating system for your home.

Is your duct system the correct size for your home?

Duct systems are often undersized which, as a result, restricts air flow. Elite Comfort will analyze your current duct system to ensure that it is adequately sized and properly sealed.

Are you experiencing air flow issues leading to hot/cold spots?

Our team will identify the root cause of your hot/cold spots.

Are there problems with the indoor air quality?

Because asthma, allergies, and respiratory conditions can be aggravated by indoor air contaminants, adding an Indoor Air Quality Device to your A/C and heating system is the most effective way to clean the air in your home.

How long do you plan to be in your home?

Above all, knowing how long you expect to live in the home helps us determine the best efficiency to recommend you.

Would your home be more comfortable with more than one thermostat?

Zoning solution provides better temp control and saves money by only cooling the part of the home you need to be cooled.

What is the most convenient way for you to pay for your new system?

Elite Comfort offers a 10% discount for payment by Cash or Check. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We have numerous financing options as well. Find out how you can buy today and pay over time. 12 to 72 months NO INTEREST!

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Our comfort specialist will meet with you and other decision makers to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed buying decision and custom design a system for your home and needs.

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