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“Auto” or “On” for Your Home HVAC Settings?

For many homeowners as long as the air-conditioner is running on a hot day, all is well. However, while you may be feeling cool comfort, at the same time your AC could be incurring high costs mostly due to unnecessary thermostat settings. 

Air Conditioning Auto or OnThe main area of concern when it comes to the AC thermostat controls is the “auto” versus the “on” setting. Believe it or not there is a difference! Here is all you need to know on how to keep cool:

What Do Auto and On Do Regarding Your HVAC System? 

Auto and On dictate how the fan on your furnace or air-conditioner will operate. Despite some initial confusion, the two differentials really are self-explanatory. When your AC is set to “auto” the fan will run only during a cooling cycle. Opting for the “on” setting means the fan will be operating on a constant basis.

What Are the Major Advantages of Each? 

There are pros and cons to running your AC on either of the settings. The obvious advantage of running on “auto” is that the system uses less energy because the fan is operating only during a cooling cycle. This saves on utility bills because the fan can be idle for extended periods of time – especially on cooler Summer days.

Despite the fact that the fan can sit idle in between cooling cycles, that also means there are going to be multiple stops and starts during the course of a day. This can be very hard on the fan and definitely helps contribute to an early demise. When the fan starts to malfunction, other components try to overcompensate for the lack of air flow and tend to experience a shorter life-span.

There are benefits of operating the thermostat under the “on” setting and having the fan cycle constantly. The lack of starts and stops on the system will help your unit run more effectively and the air quality will be better with the “on” setting because air is continuously being cycled. This also moves conditioned air more efficiently throughout the home which cuts down on hot and cold pockets in various rooms.

So Which Setting Should You Use? 

If you want to use less energy and lower your utility bills, the “auto” setting would be the best choice. Keep in mind, that the fan can wear faster on this option and the air quality isn’t going to be as great. Each home and air-conditioning unit is unique and it would be beneficial to get an assessment on the property and its functionality by completing an HVAC audit. An audit investigates your specific air-conditioning factors (insulation, system size, home square footage) and can help determine the optimum strategy for Summer.

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