As many people know, regular A/C maintenance is key to extending the life of your unit. One of the biggest issues that arise within A/C units is clogged drain pipes. This may not sound all that bad; however, it is a disaster in the making.

While your A/C is running, it is pulling humidity from the air. Especially during the summer months, all the extra moisture from the air is being filtered through your air conditioning system. Think of a cold cup of lemonade or soda on a hot summer’s day—it doesn’t take long for the condensation to start forming on the outside of the glass. This is essentially what is going on within your unit. It filters the moisture from the air, leaving you dry and cool, even when it’s 100+ degrees right outside.

What does that mean for the A/C?

As you can imagine, a unit that is running all day surely collects some serious water. Fortunately, A/C units are equipped with drain pipes that drain the excess water into a drain pan underneath the unit. When a drain pipe is working correctly and isn’t clogged, the water drains normally right into the pan.

However, when the drain pipe becomes clogged, which can happen because of the algae, mold and mildew that forms due to condensation, the water has nowhere to escape to. If the clog continues to block the pipe without being fixed, the water will overflow the inside of the unit, causing damage or even ruining your A/C.

Additionally, water overflow can cause leaks that drain to other places besides the drain pan. For interior units, this can damage ceilings and floors and become a much more detrimental problem than most people realize is possible. To learn more about how badly your drain can clog, watch this video recorded by one of our owners:



What To Do If Your Drain Is Clogged

If you notice that your A/C drain is clogged, contact Elite Comfort Services at (832) 304-7957. Our experienced specialists are available to quickly fix the problem so your unit continues to work efficiently when you need it most.