Fact or Fiction: Furnace Edition - Myths Surrounding Your Furnace

Fact or Fiction: Furnace Edition

We’re putting the heat to some of the biggest myths surrounding your furnace. Check out some common misconceptions about heating systems, along with how to properly manage your furnace.

1. FICTION: Close Your Vents to Close Off Heat

Fact: While it may make sense to close off vents in rooms that don’t need to be heated, your furnace will continue to push air towards them anyway. Unless you have an HVAC zoning system, your furnace will distribute heat throughout your entire home, regardless of whether your vents are open or closed. Closing vents to unused rooms makes your furnace work harder and less efficiently. Just keep them open to allow air to flow freely.

2. FICTION: All You Need is Efficiency

Fact: While having an efficient system is the first step in lowering your energy costs, it doesn’t mean anything if your home isn’t optimized for heating. Check your insulation around your doors and windows, and contact a specialist at Elite Comfort Home and Commercial Services to inspect ductwork and fix any leaks. This will ensure the warm air you pay for stays inside.

3. FICTION: It’s Normal to Have Cold Feet

Fact: Walking around on cold floors means your home isn’t as well-insulated as you might think. Cold floors are an indication that the hot air your paying for is escaping. Check sealing around doors and windows, or hire a specialist to properly seal your home.

4. FICTION: It’s Better to Run Your System Into the Ground

Fact: If your aging furnace is breaking down, it may makes sense to you to simply replace parts until it finally quits working all together. While replacing a furnace seems expensive up front, it’s better than using a “frankenfurnace” that only causes your system to run less efficiently and rack up your power bill. Find a new and efficient winter furnace today, to keep your family warm and comfortable this season.

5. FICTION: Maintenance Isn’t Mandatory

Fact: Don’t let small operating problems turn into huge bills. Regular maintenance is imperative to smooth HVAC operation. Contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist at Elite Comfort Home and Commercial Services to schedule seasonal maintenance to keep your system running efficiently all year long.

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