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How to Prepare for the Houston Heat

Mild temperatures of winter are coming to an end, which means the hot, humid Houston summer is right around the corner. With average summer temperatures simmering above 90 degrees, your air conditioning unit is vital to your comfort and safety.

Under consistent hot temps, your AC works overtime, taking in the hot air, cooling it, and delivering to all the rooms in your home. Unfortunately, that means your unit is more prone to breaking down when you need it most, leaving you with a miserable indoor climate and hoping you can get immediate repair service.

Fortunately, this isn’t the first hot summer we’ve faced. Here are five reasons your AC could break down this summer, and what to do about them.

#1 Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is what keeps your AC cool. If your unit springs a leak and loses this vital component, it can cause a host of other problems, including a total system breakdown. Note that normal operating conditions won’t require the charging or addition of refrigerant.

 #2 Heavy Usage

Like we mentioned, there’s no escape from the overtime work your AC puts in during the summer. Added usage can lead to problems such as overheating, component failures, circuit problems and more. However, you can minimize the load on your unit by using a smart or programmable thermostat, keeping window shades closed during the day, replacing your air filters as needed, and filling gaps around windows and doors.

#3 Lack of Maintenance

The best way to avoid potential problems with your HVAC system is to keep your unit properly maintained. We recommend getting your unit checked once per year for any problems. During that time, your coils and drain lines can be addressed if needed to help avoid future damage or breakdowns.

#4 Not Changing Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter is an easy task that you can perform on your own, but it’s a task that shouldn’t be forgotten. Even if you have a brand new system, running it with an old, dirty filter can cause system failure.

#5 Old Age

Air conditioners only last 10-20 years. If your unit is too old, it may not be up to the challenge of keeping you and your family cool during Houston’s hottest months. Running an old system can also nickel and dime you. If that’s the case, replacing your unit is a choice that saves you money on repair and energy costs in the long run. Plus, having a cool and comfortable home all summer long is definitely worth the initial investment.

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