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Lighting Tips for a Bright Kitchen

Lighting is important in every area of your home for functionality, style, and to improve the overall health of each room. Not only should lighting be there, it should also come in a variety of forms from natural to aesthetic to ambient, task, and accent. This combination of lighting in each room helps improve the looks of the room but also serves definitive purpose.

Kitchen LightingAccording to 9 out of 10 real estate agents the kitchen is the most important room in the house (master bedroom being the other) and it could be time to reevaluate the lighting in this area that is used for meal prep, eating, and entertaining. Depending on the home’s layout the kitchen may also be the first part of the home that is entered so versatile lighting is very important.

A quality electrician can rewire your kitchen to include all the important lighting basics. The room must be bright enough for cooking (task lighting), should be relaxing and comfortable when eating (aesthetic lighting) and should be safe as an entry way into the house (accent lighting). Here are some tips on how we help you achieve these kitchen lighting goals.

Layering is important in a kitchen because the room serves so many purposes. A constant bright light is useful for cooking but annoying when trying to enjoy cocktails with guests. Accent lighting sets the mood but strains the eyes when trying to read recipes, and so on. Layering puts lights at different levels in the kitchen and we install switches to help these zones operate independently.

Natural Light 

Natural light comes from a kitchen window or with reflective countertops, appliances, floors, etc. Natural lighting is very important to help eliminate the need for light usage during the day.

Ambient Light 

Ambient is also known as general lighting and is used to maintain a constant level of brightness over an entire room. Installing these types of lights helps you avoid ‘dark zones’ and even though multiple fixtures may account for the light, they are typically controlled from one central switch. Ambient lighting is a must-have in kitchens whether it comes via can lights, sconces, hanging bulbs, etc.


Many of our clients are enamored with task lighting which brighten up certain ‘work zones’ in the kitchen. This is most frequently found on food prep areas or over the kitchen sink but can also be fitted over counters or tables where homework or reading the newspaper is done. The controls for task lighting focus on centralized locations to both save on energy drain and to make work more comfortable.


Accent or aesthetic lighting is interesting because it can be wired in your kitchen to either draw attention or just serve as a subtle background. We can install accent lighting under countertops or around backsplashes to provide a soft light that both sets the mood but also creates a safe walkway at night. Then again, accent lighting can also be outfitted to draw attention to a particular painting, sculpture, kitchen piece, etc. that serves as the room’s focal point.

The best way to plan a lighting strategy for your kitchen is to see what you have and determine what you want / need. We accomplish this with on-site visits and develop a plan that is the most non-invasive as possible. Contact us today to take the first steps in improving the lighting in the most important room in your home.

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