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New Year, New Unit? How to Tell If It’s Time to Invest in a New AC Unit

At the start of a new year, it can be helpful to step back and take stock of the state of your home. What needs your attention the most? What can wait until later in the year? Taking a proactive approach to maintenance helps minimize unpleasant surprises while maximizing your comfort and peace of mind. Though it might still be cold outside, now is an excellent time to consider whether your AC unit might require replacement. It’s better to consider your options now than to confront the frustration of your AC failing in the middle of summer.

Evaluating Your Options for Your Air Conditioning System


First, consider the recent service history of your AC unit. How many times did it require repairs or some service during the previous calendar year? Little to no service is a good sign. More than a couple of visits on the books could indicate a growing problem with the unit. Now is when the age of the unit comes into play, too. While even newer units can break down, the most common and costly problems occur with the oldest air conditioning setups.

Next, rate your satisfaction with the unit’s performance. When you need to cool your home, does it seem to take hours of work to reach the appropriate temperature? Perhaps you often experience problems with short cycling, or a frequent need to top up the refrigerant. If you aren’t experiencing the performance you desire, it likely means an elevated level of inefficiency. That can also translate to higher energy bills.

It is also wise to consider some other factors, such as how long you plan to live on the property. The answer to “repair or replace?” can vary between a permanent residence and a place you intend to vacate soon. For example, an individual who purchases a house and inherits an old air conditioning unit may want to avoid future issues by investing in a modern and highly efficient replacement. The homeowner selling their property, though, likely won’t feel compelled to make that choice.

Seeking Professional Advice and Assistance

In some cases, deciding to invest in a new unit is easy. Very old units that no longer cool efficiently and equipment that needs service with increasing frequency are all excellent reasons to move to something new. In other cases, the signs and symptoms won’t always be so clear. In either scenario, professional, licensed technicians can shine a helpful light on any of the issues present for you.

Take a step back this new year and evaluate the actual cost-effectiveness of your heating and cooling solutions. Are you getting the best performance possible with the lowest impact on your budget? We can help you uncover the answers. If you’re interested in the installation of a new AC, or if you need to request information on repairs for an existing unit, Elite Comfort Home & Commercial Services is here to help. Explore more information online now, or give us a call today to request a quote.

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