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Charles Elliott and Chris Avirett Elite Comfort

★★★★★ “After several years of living in our home, we noticed one upstairs bedroom and bathroom started to have a moldy smell and felt damp. We had moisture readings of our walls and were told we have an active leak behind the walls because our sheetrock was so wet. We assumed we had a leak behind the walls and tore out a whole bedroom, 2 closets and part of a bathroom from floor to ceiling. We didn’t find a leak after spending $20K on repairs/construction. Someone mentioned it may be an AC issue and we called Elite Comfort to come take a look at our situation. As usual in our area of fast built homes and cost cutting measures by the builders, our AC system in the attic was terribly installed and nothing ‘fit’ like it should in the attic. The furnace and the plenums were improperly sized and duct taped together in an awful way and the ductwork was a mess. This unit was blowing in extremely humid air in these couple rooms and over time our walls were very moist and started to smell. After properly sizing the equipment in the attic and correctly installing the ductwork, the rooms upstairs started to dry out and no longer feel damp or have a moldy smell. If only we would have called Elite Comfort from the beginning, we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and money.”

Jason R.

Air Conditioning and Heating company

★★★★★ “I have used Elite comfort two different times since moving to Houston over a year ago. The most recent involved replacing our entire ac system. The capacitor first went out, which we replaced. Then the fan motor went out. Before we were able to replace that, the condenser went out. Every time we had a technician out, they were kind, polite, and gave us our options without being pushy. We didn’t have the money to replace the entire system so we were only able to replace the outside unit, and the coils. We have plans to replace the heater/fan as soon as we are able to afford it. You can bet that we will go through Elite to do so. The owner was kind and worked with us on our different options available and helped us so that we could once again have cold air in our house.”

Brad C.

★★★★★ “24/7 service at its best!!! I called on a HOT holiday weekend in the evening and a service guy was at my door 10 minutes later. Super nice, very thorough, and took care of some wiring issue we had with our thermostat. Went to bed in a cool house. Happy Customer!!”

Lynda J.


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