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Real Benefits of Home Insulation

Our clients are more aware than ever about how much an insulation upgrade can save them on heating and cooling bills essentially year-round. We’ve worked on homes that had no insulation on an exterior wall whatsoever, let alone an inferior insulation strategy. Benefits of Home InsulationThe result was the homeowner wasting money for sometimes 15-20 years on higher utility costs as well as increased wear and tear on their HVAC system – not to mention having to sit in a room that is incredibly uncomfortable.

Implementing an improved insulation approach can offer considerable return on investment. Depending on the current situation, payback for the upgrade can be achieved in less than a season along with the priceless benefit of having a home that is much more pleasant to live in temperature-wise. That being said, lower utility bills are only a fraction of the reason why a home insulation upgrade is one of the best renovation projects you can undertake.

Dilutes Outside Sound

Something that often goes overlooked is the fact that insulation creates a barrier not only to retain warm or cooled air, it is also very effective at controlling sound. To many homeowners, having a quiet home largely isolated from outside disturbances is almost priceless. This is especially helpful in crowded housing developments where barking dogs, playing kids, and heavy vehicle traffic is very disturbing. It should also be noted that insulation keeps sound in as well as out so feel free to yell at the TV during a bad referee call or when a reality show contestant picks the wrong soul mate.

Creates an Extra Barrier Against Allergens

Dust, pollen, and dander can work its way inside your house by even permeating through the walls and the smallest gaps in siding, near windows & doors, etc. Beefed up insulation is virtually impenetrable by these allergens, creating a much better breathing environment inside the house. For heavy allergy sufferers who spend money annually on HVAC duct cleaning, it’s almost a worthless expense if adequate insulation isn’t installed as well.

Control Humidity Better

Insulation forms an important middle man between the outside environment and interior controlled air. As you’ve sometimes noticed with condensation on windows, moisture can also form on your insulation in the walls interior if it is not of adequate R-value. Thicker, stronger, and more durable insulation can resist this moisture which helps to avoid an uncomfortable interior environment while reducing the risk of mold growth and spreading.

Gives Home a Higher Market Value

Upgrading home insulation will not only provide you more comfort and lower utility bills now, it serves as a great selling point for your home down the line. Future buyers like the allure of an intense insulation strategy that will help keep their costs to a minimum and will expand the life span of the existing HVAC system.

Lowers Emissions and Carbon Footprint

Finally one of the best reasons for upgrading the insulation in your home’s walls and attic is to use less energy on a daily basis which in turn helps lower gas emissions and overall carbon footprint. NAIMA studies claim that proper insulation of buildings in the United States could cut carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 780 tons annually.

Even though it’s for the most part hidden, your home’s insulation should be of some concern. It could be argued the fact that your current insulation is hidden is even more reason to have an inspection/audit so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Why deal with higher-than-required utility bills for even one more season when an insulation upgrade offers so many considerable advantages?

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