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Spring is in the Air, Is Your Plumbing System Ready?

For the most part we worry about our plumbing system more during the Winter than we do the Summer. Nothing quite says ‘welcome home‘ like walking indoors out of the cold to see water seeping out of your walls from frozen or burst pipes. All that considered, your plumbing may be more in demand during the warm months when outdoor hoses are in use and washing machines struggle to keep up with dirty clothes from the outside. Here are some tips on making sure your pipes are ready to stand up to the heat.

Have a Leak Check Performed

Small drips can seem nothing more than a nuisance during the Summer when we’re dumping gallons of water on our cars, plants, and bodies. That being said why not pay as low of utility bills as possible, even during the warm months. Plus, capturing small leaks early is the best way to prevent them from becoming large holes later in the year. Also, leaks lead to damage to walls and floors and will inhibit the growth of mold, especially in the humid Summer months.

Clean Your Gutters

While not a part of your plumbing system, per sé, your home’s gutters are an important aspect to controlling water flow. When the gutters become clogged with leaves and debris they can no longer drain as designed to. Since the water has to go somewhere, it overflows the gutters and seeps down the side of the house. This water then absorbs into the foundation instead of being displaced out into the yard or into the street. Water then starts soaking through cracks into the foundation and into the basement, opening up a whole new can of issues.

Inspect Spigots and Hoses

Make sure your spigots and hoses run water when they are turned on. If not, it could be a sign of a broken loop somewhere in the system caused by the shifting from freezing and thawing the ground.

Check Drains

Finally make sure water drains where it is supposed to. This includes gutter downspouts, utility rooms, garages, and more – areas which weren’t doused with water as much in the Winter and could have accumulated blockage. Dirt, damage, and bird or rodent nests may have to be assessed in order to restore function. If not, the water will build up and then back up leading to a cesspool that attracts bacteria and insects during the warm weather.

Give us a call for an all-in-one plumbing inspection and to make sure your home is fully prepared to have some fun in the sun.

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