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In March of 2015, my husband and I decided to replace our A/C and heating system. Our electric bills were exceeding $30.00 during the summer months. Our unit would not cool certain rooms well, and our home was very dusty. We had several companies provide us with recommendations and quotes to replace our A/C. One of the companies we called was Elite Comfort Home and Commercial Services. That’s when we met Chris. Chris took time to ask us questions about our current system, the problems we were having and what we were looking for. He measured our home, completed a load calculation and provided us with three options. After considering the various quotes we received, we elected to go with Elite Comfort. We chose Elite because they seemed to be the most professional and definite the most thorough. We chose to install a Trane 18 Seer system which was the most expensive of the three options we received from Chris. Today we are very glad we chose Elite Comfort Home and Commercial Services and the Trane system. Our house is finally comfortable throughout. We are saving money every month, our electric bill went down over $180.00 per month this summer, even with the extremely hot summer we had. Chris estimated our energy savings at 40%, but we are saving 50-60%! We also had a Trane Clean Effects installed, and it greatly reduced the amount of dust in our home and given us some allergy related relief. We highly recommend Elite Comfort Home and Commercial Services! They are courteous and professional. The Trane system they installed for us not only exceeds the estimated energy savings we were hoping to see but had dramatically improved how our home feels.
Cindy R.
Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. Your crew: Jorge Jr & Sr along with Isaac were awesome! So professional & personable. True embodiment of what you & Elliot stand for. We truly appreciate your kindness & consideration throughout this process. God bless you guys!
Showed up on time, resolved an issue that 3 other companies could not and charged less!!! Wish there was a sixth star
Jessica H.
The guys came to my house 2 days in a row and worked until late trying to get our ac working and by the 3rd unit they had hooked up and midnight, they had it hooked up and we finally had air after a week. Their customer service and manners were awesome and most definitely will be referring them to others. These men are more than dedicated to their jobs and their boss also came out and helped. Very very good crew.
Erika W.
I called Elite AC at around 3:30pm on a Sunday because my AC wasn’t cooling properly. They immediately sent someone out and the problem was resolved quickly. I even learned a bit about my AC. I would highly recommend Elite and will be using them in the future. The cost was very fair and did not include a weekend fee. Thanks for the great experience!!!
Jason H.
Awesome…will never go anywhere else for repairs again. Thank you!
Kris L. P.
Our house was built in 1949. They came in and checked out our old equipment, attic and all. Then they came back with 3 options and pricing for our needs/budget. So it wasn’t one size fits all, to me it was custom to our home. When they were in our house they put drop cloths down on the wood floors and were very careful not to let leave the door open because we have 2 indoor cats. Very professional and they got the job done quickly. Plus they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Now I’m looking forward to our long hot summer and will update you on the performance and savings of our new unit in the summer. Thank you Elite Comfort!
Cindy R.
Great Service! Customized our home for our needs. The men wore shoe covers inside our home and cleaned up their mess. Air Conditioning working very well. We will continue to use their service.
Rebecca G.
Wonderful, honest people!!!
Sally W.
The guys came to my house 2 days in a row and worked until late trying to get our ac working and by the 3rd unit they had hooked up and midnight, they had it hooked up and we finally had air after a week. Their customer service and manners were awesome and most definitely will be referring them to others. These men are more than dedicated to their jobs and their boss also came out and helped. Very very good crew.
Erika W.
COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! I bought a rental house for my son and his family in Kingwood. The furnace pilot wouldn’t light and they needed heat asap because winter “hit” and they have twin toddler girls. I called these guys around 1:00 today and Charles promised me (without me even asking) that he would have someone out today, if not tonight to make sure they had heat tonight. And… they did. By 4:30 today, they had come out and fixed it! They told me the furnace was indeed old (which I knew) and eventually the valve would need to be replaced, BUT he didn’t try to sell me on it, but rather told me various options and made me comfortable. We own two houses and will definitely be calling them back for ALL things related to AC & Heating or anything they know how to do for my house! Thank you so much. Happy Happy Happy. 🙂 USE THEM.
Celeste B.
Awesome service! Highly recommended.
I called them on a Sunday. They offered to come out the same day. It wasn’t necessary because the unit was working but just freezing up. they came out when promised on the following Monday. This was SO important to me b/c I had a previous dr appointment & couldn’t just sit around all day waiting for them. The guy that showed up was nice & clean. he fixed my a/c in less than an hour. The price was much less than we expected. I am very satisfied with the service. I have had other companies come out & they were not nearly as good as this one.
Melanie R.
We were told many times that out AC system needed to be replaced. After careful consideration and a number of quotes we decided to go with Elite Comfort and never regretted it! Their service was fantastic and second to none! We had great discussions with Chris and he truly cared about our situation and what was best for us. He guided us through the entire process and got us an installation date within two days. Jorge Jr. and the installation crew were very quick and knowledgable about everything they were doing. I will be using Elite Comfort from here on and out! Hands down the best HVAC company I have dealt with.
Treven P.
These guys truly did an excellent job!! On time (early) same-day service, friendly, affordable and knowledgeable.
Dane J.
The folks at Elite pride themselves on doing good business and I truly believe that. After recurring cooling issues had surfaced on my 3yr old system (not previously installed by Elite), Elite sent over the best-of-the-best to help me. I had used their services in the early days of their business and this time, a totally new business showed up.

In a uniform on a Saturday morning and at my door was one of their tops techs, Cecil, and Chris, the VP of Services, who is a 3rd generation HVAC guru. These are the guys you can only hope show up at your door as you navigate the sea of questionable contractors!

Within 15 minutes of arrival, no joke, the problem was diagnosed. After months and months of cooling issues that seemed so trivial, I just couldn’t believe it was that easy for them to spot.

He confidently diagnosed the issue, showed the refrigerant leak to me, explained the mechanics behind it and offered a solution. I was literally in tears and was very pleased with this step because I was able to actually see the issue for myself rather than just taking someone’s word at face value.
Not only was I impressed but it restored my trust and confidence in knowing that providing outstanding customer service is still at the forefront of business, rather than it being just an extension or an afterthought.

That said, I look forward to a longlasting relationship with Elite Comfort for years to come and am confident that the collective experience, trained eye and passion for customer service demonstrated by their Top Management/Ownership certainly has a trickle-down effect on their tech teams. You will be getting honest, efficient and genuine service!

Thanks Charles, Chris and Cecil for taking care of me!!

Bev P.
Came home from work around 8pm to a house that was 85 degrees. Ac was blowing warm air. Called about 5 different companies, each quoted be an “after-hours” rate of $150-180 just for the service call. I had to leave messages with the other companies and wait for a call back. When I called Elite, they answered right away and had a tech at my door within the hour!! It’s now 9:45 and my a/c is working better than ever! Cost of the service call AND repairs..less than $200. Couldn’t be happier.
Elyssa S.
Excellent, friendly, and fast service! They saved the day in our home…Easter weekend!
Jenny C.
Excellent service!!! Very honest & dependable!! Highly recommend!!
Kim M.
My AC unit stopped cooling. I called another company with more reviews left a message and still have not gotten a call back an hour and a half later. After 30 min of waiting for the other guys to call me back I gave up and called Elite.

They answered their phone, sent a team out, fixed the problem, chatted a minute and left all that in the time I would still be waiting for a call back from the other guys. And the bill 90.00.
Great guys! Fast! And very professional in dress and manner. I will be using them for all my repairs in the future.

Belinda B.
Today, Jorge Sr. and Jorge Jr. came out to my house and replaced the leaking Lennox evap coil. They did such a great job, and I want to let you know that. I have never experienced an HVAC team that is so professional and knowledgeable, and willing to answer all of my questions as these two. They put on shoe covers and cover the floor with tarp to keep everything clean. Their whole positive attitude throughout the job–the way they act and behave–really sets them and your company apart from the rest.

I have seen other contractors go into my house before, and the way those other contractors go about doing the job–I always question whether they will wind up breaking something else in the process. But for Jorge Sr. and Jr., they for some reason made me feel at ease as they work throughout most of the morning.

Thanks again Chris and your team for a great job. I’m very glad I called you for a second opinion.

Trang L.
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