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Tune-Up Before Summer Heats Up

The grass is green, school’s out, and the smell of barbecue is starting to fill the weekend air which can only mean one thing – it’s time to get your HVAC system checked before Spring turns into Summer! 

AC Tune-UpWhile the Spring weather may not have necessitated turning on the air-conditioner yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to have it inspected. You want to be fully prepared to keep cool when the mercury rises and finding out your AC has issues during a heat wave isn’t the way to go. Therefore pre-Summer checkups are one of your safest investments – and they can save you money!

What’s Included in a Spring Tune-up? 

The main reason to contact us for an HVAC system checkup is for preparation. You want the peace of mind in knowing that your AC will run properly and efficiently when the time comes. This is accomplished via:

  • Cleaning – Your AC sat dormant for the last 7-8 months which means a lot of dust and debris has accumulated inside of it. Condenser coils need to be cleaned so that they can operate more efficiently and removing dust from items such as a fan help reduce wear.
  • Inspection – When sitting idle your AC may develop frayed (chewed) wires, might lose coolant, or could possibly develop holes in the duct work. An inspection makes sure these and other areas are secure so that your HVAC runs efficiently and most importantly, safely.
  • Tune-Up – A system checkup also involves lubricating parts, calibrating the thermostat, testing the motor, and 20+ other points of tuning up. This will help increase the life span of the components but also make sure you aren’t unnecessarily losing efficiency. 

If your AC turns on without any issue, you may mistakenly think that it is ready for the Summer cooling season. In actuality however you may be losing efficiency and unknowingly be causing your AC to fail much sooner than its supposed life span.

How an AC Check-Up Saves You Money 

Having our service team come inspect and tune-up your AC may seem like unnecessary overhead, especially when air-conditioner bills can be so high over the Summer as it is. The truth is, an inspection will save you money both immediately and over the long run.

First off, a clean and tuned up air-conditioner will operate more efficiently which will make decrease cycle lengths and frequency thus saving you on utility bills. Lubricating parts and inspecting for damage can also reduce the overcompensation on other components. It’s always better to pay for minor adjustments rather than costly repairs. Along those same lines, an AC that doesn’t have to work as hard will also last much longer possibly putting off a replacement for 5-10 years or more.

Finally, the reason you have an air-conditioner is to be cool. Aside from saving money, don’t you want to be sure that your AC is in proper working condition just so you, your family, and guests can be comfortable? If the answer is yes, give Elite Comfort Services a call today!

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