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Victim, Hire Professionals

Victim, Hire Professionals

Let Elite Comfort Home & Commercial help you restore your home or business.

One thing to remember when contracting out services to restore the A/C, heat, plumbing, or electrical to your home or business is that not every company has your best interest in mind. It would be nice to think that the ‘friendly neighborhood repair technician’ image from the past is largely still prevalent today, but if you don’t do your homework you may find yourself in an unsavory situation. 

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As a property owner, you’re probably thinking that scam repair companies are just hyperbole because after all, ‘work is work.’ Don’t let yourself learn the hard way that these fly by night operations truly do exist and for the common goal of, instead of fixing your drains they just drain you of your money.

One of the first problems with controversial home renovation companies is that they work in volume. You’ll notice a lower bid but also the work is sloppily slapped together to move on to the next job as quickly as possible. They’ll undercut bids upfront but then try and include as many add-on fixes as possible to squeeze some more cash out of you. They may or may not be licensed, bonded, and insured. Also, their promptness to return to the house for any fixes to their work is anybody’s guess.

So, how do you avoid becoming a victim when the repairs are obviously needed? There are a few reasons how Elite Comfort Home & Commercial prove worrying about craftsmanship, quality, and costs don’t have to be inevitable when hiring home services:

Qualified, Local Company

We are a local residential and commercial restoration company that has been working in the Houston area since 2011. Our license numbers are predominantly displayed on the top of our website proving our qualifications and expertise.

A Strong Reputation

Our online reviews prove our dedication to prompt, proper repairs with courteous customer service. We are 5 Star rated on Yelp and have an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau.

We Have the Customer’s Best Interest in Mind

Part of the reason we have repeatedly earned these high marks is that we operate in a transparent manner. There are no hidden fees with our services and every issue outside of what’s included in the work order is presented in a clear and concise manner. We can make our recommendations, but the customer always has the final say in the work done.

NEVER Charge for Estimates

Part of being a responsible property owner is obtaining multiple bids from service companies so that you can compare costs, the scope of work, etc. We never charge for our estimates and try to provide you as honest an assessment of the project as possible.

Don’t be a victim the next time your home or business needs electrical, HVAC, or plumbing work.  Hire the professionals and give us a call at 832-309-3771 to eliminate your risks.

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